Sakura SZN!

Hey Y’all!

So quick Japanese lesson, Sakura, means cherry blossom.

And snitch you guessed it,


In Japanese culture the cherry blossom is a symbolic flower that represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder to us that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but also terribly short.

I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo last February and it was truly life changing. My whole trip was amazing but I’m going to focus on the land of the rising sun’s most beloved flower. Seeing the Sakura begin to bloom was a beautiful experience, a vision I would never get to see back home in the scorching California desert. The pale pink hues were so romantic and not to mention sooooo kawaii, I couldn’t help my obsession with these dainty trees. In a spiritual sense they can be seen as a metaphor for loss, mindfulness and living in the present, all which stem from Japan’s Buddhist roots. Blooming season is powerful, dazzling and intoxicating, but it doesn’t stay very long. It’s kinda like pool party season in Vegas. The Bloom usually starts in January depending on the region/weather and reaches full bloom in a couple weeks. Hanami (cherry blossom-viewing) is a short spring time love affair that leaves you yearning for more.

Maybe we should take a hint from the cherry blossom themes of renewal and meditate on the idea of starting fresh this spring.  Let’s take a look at our current lifestyles and reevaluate our priorities and goals. What things are most important to you? Whether its finishing school or advancing in the workplace, are you living the life you want to be living? Are you spending enough time with family and friends? There’s always room for improvement and what better time to start then now? Only we have the power to change our situations.

A few friends of mine actually just got back from visiting Tokyo this month and during their stay they got to witness a whole lot of photosynthesis magic. Going through their pictures took me back to last year, on that chilly day in Tokyo, strolling through Yoyogi Park . It was my first time seeing a cherry blossom tree in person and I fell in love. They were even more stunning than the photos!

But don’t just take my word for it, check out these adorable lil’ pink puffs yourself !


Side note: My top 3 plant life forms are peonies, cherry blossom trees and cacti. Deep down, however, I know my heart is like a little sakura bud gently waiting for the right time to open up and blossom endless love…awh lol
Special thanks to @Jurrl , @megladon08 & @Annieshoko IG posts for their lovely contributions. Arigato                                                               (I added my own pics as well)





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