A Break From It All

Hi friends,

It’s been a while, am I right? I know everything seems so uncertain right now and a lot of things are happening and FAST but no need to fret.

Change is scary, the unknown, the shift in our everyday lives is rough but together we will overcome. I strongly believe that staying positive will yield positive results. Yes, a lot of upcoming events were canceled, schools shut down and work coming to an abrupt halt for a lot of people is overwhelming but how can we turn this into something good?

Humans are constantly evolving as is our way of life. Maybe we (humanoids) needed a little break? Maybe we needed to take a step back and reevaluate our current living situations and priorities? Could this be mother nature asking us to just take a moment and breathe?

I’m not sure but I feel like our lives are so fast paced now and so routine that when anything happens out of the ordinary it creates massive chaos.

I know it’s not easy to adjust but you are not alone! I’m having a little trouble myself but I know my family and friends are a solid support system and I’m very thankful for them.

Take some time to be with yourself, relearn, reset, and recharge.

Do things for you that you normally don’t have time for. Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read (or haven’t finished). Share music with friends, help your siblings with their homework, get through that list of movies on your watch later list, meditate, strengthen relationships,  improve you Call of Duty sniper skills, whatever it is that makes you happy! Just do it!

Use this time for YOU and find yourself once again. I promise you will come out of this with a different perspective of what it is you want out of life.

As for myself, I will be taking movie recommendations (no but seriously send me your faves) and hopefully writing more. We all get so busy with life sometimes we put our personal needs last or don’t realize what we are really missing.

(I would also love any suggestions for topics to write about on here! I’m open to everything!)

That’s it for now, just a little reminder to inhale and exhale, stay safe and stay calm.

In the famous words of Troy and Gabriella,

“We’re all in this together…”

*virtual hug* 



One thought on “A Break From It All

  1. Hello, it’s been so so long! I saw this post in my email as I was cleaning it out and thought wow it’s been a while since I read from that blog lol! and I realized I wasnt following??
    Well I’m glad to hear again from you. Hope you have been well!

    I’ve been watching a ton since I’m just in quarantine lol I am always getting sick so I don’t want to be near anyone, that’s the thing, but luckily I’m not infected or anything.

    So since im home, Ive been watching a ton
    I recommend detective pikachu, the buzzfeed unsolved episodes and I love the bogus beauty eps from as/is on youtube. I started watching stuff from watcher on youtube.

    Also Terrace House on netflix, shameless, sabrina on netflix, skins uk, some anime like beastars on netflix, i saw dont f with cats on netflix, Undnone on amazon prime, its super amazing.
    Next im going to watch Parasite. Everyone is talking about that one. oh i also saw joker..


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