A little taste of Tokyo

I've been thinking about Japan a lot lately, and I've come to the conclusion that I cannot do one sole post to recap last year's adventure. I'm going to have to break down my Tokyo trip through multiple posts. There's way too much to cover! But here's a little preview of one of my favorite places in Japan. It's so beautiful it seriously looks fake.

February 22, 2017

Meiji Shrine- Tokyo, Japan


It’s April, it’s hot, it’s Festival season!

Now of course one of the biggest, if not THE festival, is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Whether you’re attracted by the plethora of musical acts, the celebrity sight seeing, or the fashion , it’s a place for all. One of my favorite things that is just as much Coachella as the actual fest is the parties associated with it. There are tons and tons of parties that happen before and or during both weekends. Some of these are crazy exclusive and seemingly impossible to attend and mostly all of them have a guest list. There are, however, some really rad parties that only require an RSVP for those of us who don’t have that little blue checkmark next to our names.

I had the privilege of attending the Desert Jam party presented by Lucky Brand.


(Andrea and I feelin’ lucky 🍀)  IG: @Drea28 & @Kikashines

img_6062The party took place in Palm Springs, CA. at the Arrive Hotel   on Saturday April 14th, 2018. It was so much fun! The vibe was very laid back but you could definitely feel everyone’s excitement for the festival. There were special performances by CHARLI XCX, Harry Hudson and Naomi Wild to name a few. There was a ton of yummy finger food (including vegan options), fruity refreshments and bikini clad desert dwellers ready to party. I’ve always been a fan of Lucky Brand apparel so I was especially excited for this party.


As with every pool party there is more than just drinks,music, and a pool. There were a couple of cool stands that really caught my attention. One of them was the Scünci booth. For those that aren’t familiar, Scünci is a hair accessories brand that offers a variety of hair products including hair ties, wraps, etc. At their booth they were customizing scrunchies for free! It was a totally cute idea and of course with all the 90’s nostalgia trends buzzing I had to get in on the action. You were able to choose from different iron on patches for your scrunchie and the other option was to bedazzle it. I love hair ties and I’m extremely indecisive so I went for both. I picked two dark grey velvet mid-sized scrunchies and picked a couple jewels that I felt were a good match. For my second choice I picked a larger all black scrunchie and I managed to sift through and find the perfect little cactus patch for it.

Why a cactus you ask?

  1. I’m from the desert.





Another highlight of the party for me was the ping pong corner. Nothing brings out my animal-like competitive spirit like some sun, whiskey and balls! It was to the right of the stage so you were still able to jam out and get your balls bouncing (literally). The coolest thing about it was that instead of a traditional net they added their own little twist; a metal plank that served as a divider but get this, the words


were carved out! Adorable right?! The words “Lucky You” were also written on the table. Lucky Brand sure knows how to break the ice at a party.


On our way out we were given goody bags which had some pretty awesome stuff in it. A cool pair of baby blue shades courtesy of Omission Brewing Co., a Quest protein cookie which I immediatley grubbed down in the car cause gains and an amazing FHI Heat hairbrush. Honestly, I was just happy to add another canvas tote bag to my collection since I’m such a total hoarder. Overall, it was an awesome shindig and I’ve got the ugly tan lines to prove it.


Here’s the official flyer :



Street-Dog Appreciation

For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE street style hot dogs.

It’s pretty much the only reason I’d agree to go out partying in L.A. It’s the ultimate reward after a long night of dancing or bar hopping. Yes, this will probably count as your cheat meal(s) for the week but it’s totally worth it. L.A. is riddled with bacon wrapped hot dog carts and they’re so good they’re illegal! The Environmental Health department is actually citing and even throwing these street vendors in the county jail for violating health codes. I understand the grills may not be safe on the streets but it just tastes sooo good to be bad! Think of a regular hot dog the the 10th power; Take grilled bacon twisted around a toasty weenie, pile on the caramelized onions and chopped tomatoes, top it off with ketchup, mustard, mayo, and voilà!(and if you can handle a jalapeño on the side even better) It’s basically an L.A icon! You can smell the savoriness from blocks away. Don’t believe me? Take a walk down the fashion district and try and control your stomach from growling. If you’ve never had one , please do yourself the favor and INDULGE! 


Your mouth watering yet?