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Cherry Blossom Update

These pictures were taken yesterday in Tokyo by my friend Shoko. They’re breathtaking right?! I seriously can’t get enough of blooming Sakura ! Check out @AnnieShoko on IG aprilbloomingcherryblossomjapannaturepinksakuraspringTokyoTravel

Poppin’ in Periwinkle

So my cousin and I got to talking and we both decided that our fav spring nail color is : PERIWINKLE! Super pretty, super chic, and it has the cutest name! Periwinkle can be described as a color in between blue and violet. It’s such a flirty spring color, you can’t go wrong with this…

Sakura SZN!

Hey Y’all! So quick Japanese lesson, Sakura, means cherry blossom. And snitch you guessed it, ITS BLOOMING TIME! In Japanese culture the cherry blossom is a symbolic flower that represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder to us that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but also terribly short. I had the…