Time Away, Time for play.



Hey folks,

So I’m well aware I have been an absentee blog mom and have not been keeping up with

The Spilt Milk

Unfortunately, I’ve always been this type of person. I start things and have trouble finishing them. I’m a total and complete procrastinator.

In the last year or so, I’ve attempted to get in  better shape, make music, take guitar lessons, improve my french, publish my writing (poetry),  and of course run a blog.

However, none of that is even close to being done. I deal with my goals like you would a cold slice of leftover pizza. Just a couple bites and then you toss it back into the box.

It’s like I have mini bouts of inspiration and I’ll work on one thing and then I’m distracted or I’ll push things to the side. Why is it so hard to find time for yourself?

Sometimes I feel we put our needs and wants on the back burner in order to

A. Please everyone else.

B. Deal with life and all of the not so fun stuff (bills, work, etc.)

I’m tired of not doing things for me!

I want to create a shift in my persona and focus a little more on the things I want.

I know its hard, I know its time consuming but we gotta think,

” Hey! This is for me! I love myself and I deserve to do what I want and express myself.”

I feel like by doing so we can create a balance in our lives and learn to put ourselves first.

Immerse yourself in your hobbies or fitness, take a dance class, visit an art gallery or anything that sparks your interest.

Find your passion and work towards being at peace with yourself.

I love to write so whats stopping me other than my lazy self?!

So this is an announcement of my official return to the internet and trust me, I have loads to write about! I just need to push myself to follow through and give myself a creative break from all the craziness of daily life.

Is there anything you want to do or have been wanting to look into? Whether its financial reasons holding you back or any other commitments, are they really keeping you from growing as a person? I’d love to hear back from you guys on what you’ve been wanting to get into but haven’t had the chance.

Also, any suggestions for posts/topics are warmly welcomed.


Feels good to be back.

   – The Spit Milk 




One thought on “Time Away, Time for play.

  1. Hi! It’s great seeing you post again. I was wondering what happened 😮
    I’m excited to see more from you. Take your time, it’s totally fine because you’re busy with other things. I definitely know how it feels to start some things and drop them because you’re interested in other things. I have a huge problem with that lol
    I learned that I need to focus on one thing only. Right now it’s just my blog. I have other things I want to do but I finally made notes and can see that following through with my blog is 100% the way to go. I spent money on it, so I have to finish it lol

    Well hopefully you can find something to focus on that makes you really happy! All the other things will fall into place, i promise!!
    Also, I tagged you in a post but that was long ago lol
    I also was tagged in the mystery blogger award, I would tag you in that too, it’s like a post to get to know bloggers better.
    You can also share a list of your current favorite music ! I like what you have on your spotify list (on your blog).

    It’s great hearing from you, and thanks for updating us! ❤ (omg this was long my bad i write so much sometimes)

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